¡EHow To Load Battery to the M4 Tactical Retractable Stock & Fixed Stock
For loading battery to M4 Tactical Retractable Stock and Fixed Stock.
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¡EWhat is Hop-Up System?
Hop-Up system is a theory of anti-terrestrial gravity. Within Terrestrial gravity every object will gradually curve downwards when thrown. Our technicians have design the pistol barrel to resist this terrestrial gravity. So, when the BB bullet is shot this design will cause the bullet to spin upward. The result of this design will make the BB bullet fly farther and more accurate. We call this design The Hop-Up System.
¡EWhat kind of BB bullets will suit the Hop-Up System?
We recommend using 0.12g BB bullets to shoot with. After several tests we discovered that the 0.12g is the right weight of BB bullets to suit our Hop-Up System. All other weight BB's are too heavy. 0.12g shows the stability and accuracy when shooting with our Hop-Up System Air Soft Guns.
Breakdown Clinic
Handling methods
There are instances where pellets can be fired and not be fired. Sometime, two pellets are produced at the same time. Magazine is too cold Place in normal temperature or heat with palm.
Loose breech score. Re-bolt tightly.
Defective or deformed BB pellet. Use normal BB pellet.
Magazine is defective or damaged. Deformity of magazine outlet or magazine outlet machine. Replace abnormal parts with new ones.
over-adjustment of recoil (hop-up) mechanism. Move adjustment screw up
Unable to close slide stop pin (slide malfunction/cannot be closed) Magazine is too cold/amount of gas is inadequate. Stop use prior to restoration of normal temperature. Restore gas capacity. Add oil on nozzle rubber. Load gas.
Oil in piston section has been used up. Wipe with oil. If problem persist, it is mostly due to deterioration of O ring replace¡÷with new parts.
Loose breech scores. Screw tightly
Cracked cylinder. Replace with new parts.
Defective or malfunctions of trigger burr Check if there are chances of reducing scratches to slide¡÷if yes, replace with new parts.
Magazine output machine is damaged Replace with new parts. (output machine cannot reach normal position, clean ammunition chamber)
Abnormality of magazine nozzle rubber Wipe with oil. If problem still persists, immediately replace with new parts.
Lubrication of slide track not adequate Wipe oil on slide/frame assy track. If problem persists, send for repair.
Piston ting is deformed. If slide stops in the middle, there may be a piston ring embedded in cylinder. Replace with new piston ring.
Slide Stop Pin SP is deformed. Replace with new parts.
Gas spurt out when trigger is pulled Defective magazine installation. Reinstall until magazine lock is fastened.
Inadequate gas pressure inside magazine. Replenish gas. If temperature of magazine is too lo, wait until it is restored to normal temperature.
Deterioration of Piston O-ring. Add oil. If problem persists, replace with new one. Problem may be due to cracks in cylinder. Check and confirm.
Unable to load gas into magazine Temperature of magazine to high Press discharge valve, loosen discharge valve to reduce internal pressure. Wait for magazine to restore to normal temperature and load gas.
Inadequate amount of gas in air storage bottle/valve is damaged. Replace with all new gas storage bottles.
Load valve is damaged. Replace with new parts.
Gas leaks from magazine Inadequate oil causing poor seal Add oil (Please refer to items concerning Maintenance)
Load/Discharge valve is damaged. Replace with new parts.
Unable to load BB pellet into ammunition chamber Opening of magazine is deformed Under any condition, replace with new ones. (sometimes it may due to deformities of BB pellets)
Deformity of magazine output machine
Blank shooting of trigger Safety mechanism is closed Pull up safety lever, remove safety mechanism.
Trigger washer SP is damaged Replace with new one (Abbreviation for spring is SP)
Unable to shoot BB pellet (unable to eject gas even with hammer in down position) Gas is empty, gas leaks Reload gas to magazine. In case of gas leaks and coating oil on top of it is not enough to improve conditions, send for repair
Excess amount of gas High temperature or outdoor activates during the hot summer season are reasons for abnormal increase in gas pressure. Temporarily reload gas after temperature of magazine is reduced.
Deformity of SP in piston Replace with new parts.
Pellet stuck in rubber chamber Refer to One Point Clinic relating to Hop-up mechanism.
Poor magazine mechanism Install properly and insert magazine.
Pellet obstruction inside magazine May be due to foreign matter, deformity of magazine output machine, too small BB pellets. Remove foreign matter and replace with new ones.
Malfunction of impact hammer Replace defective parts (may also be due to abnormalities in safety mechanism/abnormality of link parts of impact system)
A bullet falls out of the muzzle Rubber chamber destroyed Replace.
Loose SC in inner barrel Screw tightly (Use bolt screws)
Trajectory disorderly (winding trajectory, poor target accuracy) Abnormality of BB pellet Avoid using irregularly sized, defective and deform pellets. Use round BB pellets.
Abnormality in link parts of barrel Replace with new parts once there are scratches or deformities in internal parts of rubber chamber/inner barrel.
Coordination between parts inadequate Lubricate slide, frame-assy, gun barrel and other movable parts with oil, waters and wheel.
Holding and gripping gun arbitrarily Avoid shaking wrist, grip tightly when shooting. Grip gun with both hands.